Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 4 MTC

Hello Friends and Family,

Week 4 at the MTC is officially over and I have two weeks left in spiritual prison on Earth. Hahaha jk, it's been a really good experience so far. Every week, I keep telling myself that next week's email is going to be shorter because of the pretty routine schedule around here, but something exciting happens to me every week, which is pretty awesome I think. So on Wednesday, I got a letter telling me that I have been invited to participate in a special flag ceremony and devotional on July 4th where I will be holding the beautiful flag of Angola. I was suuuper pumped and excited to do it, and there was another guy in my district, Elder Montes, who was assigned to carry the Brazilian flag so the other Elders got annoyed with our excitement pretty quick. Anway we show up on Saturday afternoon for practice, and there's a ton of flags by the podium, but I cannot see Angola's. Then they say that there are some flags they don't have and instead, they have pieces of paper with the flags on it, and they are going to be reading the names of the countries that have this special assignment. Of course, Angola was the first country called. But before you go around bashing the MTC for disrespecting Angola, you should know, this wasn't just any kind of paper with an Angola flag on it. This was a real nice piece of paper, like prime card stock. Anyway, when I walked down the aisle with my piece of paper, I was proudly turning it left and right, so everyone could see how nice the quality of the paper was. Instead of putting my flag in a flag post like everyone else, I had to also put the flag on a piece of tape on the podium right below the speaker.  So naturally, I was in a pretty rebellious mood, so after the devotional, I turned to Elder Dawson and said "Go get it, we're taking it with us". So he walked right up to the podium and stuck the "flag" under his jacket and now it's in our room haha. 

Also this week, we started teaching each other instead of our teachers as investigators, so we all got to make up our own investigator to have taught. Me and Elder Dawson were asked to teach Elders Delano and Parker, the Zone Leaders. We first taught Elder Parker and had Elder Delano sit in as a "member". These guys are a pretty interesting companionship, they either love each other or not so much. Anyway, we're starting the lesson with Elder Parker and he one of the first thing he mentions is that he's likes playing the trombone ( Eu gostou de trocar trombone) and Elder Delano's face just lights up and he says "Eu trombone tamben!!!" (I'm trombone as well!) Elder Parker turns to him and says (in English) "You're a trombone too?!?!" I could not stop laughing and it totally ruined the lesson haha. Anyway, hope you all have a great week.

Ate mais,

Elder Christensen