Monday, July 20, 2015

P-Day (Sorta) (July 18 2015)

Hey guys,

This is probably going to be my last P Day until next next Monday, although I'm pretty sure they'll let me email you guys when I get there. The last couple days have been like a dream, like super surreal and going by suuper quick. We talked to a lady in Angola over skype yesterday for like 30 minutes and it was really really cool. I understood everything she was saying and she understood me and it was a really great time. She said the food is super good and this white lady from the States who lived with her agreed and said it's going to the best fish I'll ever have. The Angolan lady was super excited that I'm coming on Wednesday and promised to make me something really good if I came over to her house hahaha. So tonight me and Elder Smith are on splits while we email, do laundry, and pack so I'm going to be online for the next 45 minutes or so, and tell the girls to check theirs as well. If you don't see this, I'll call you in Dallas or London, not sure yet, but definitely one of the two. Have a great week!